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Attractive Volume Discounts

Attractive volume discounts for orders of $200 or more (excluding clothes).

  • 6% Discount

    ORDERS $200+

  • 8% Discount

    ORDERS $400+

  • 10% Discount

    ORDERS $600+

  • 12% Discount

    ORDERS $800+

  • 14% Discount

    ORDERS $1500+

  • 16% Discount

    ORDERS $3000+

  • 18% Discount

    ORDERS $5000+

  • 20% Discount

    ORDERS $10000+

--- All prices are excluding postage and VAT

Contact us on orders over $20000 to discuss an even higher discount. Email: helpdesk@fankeclothing.com. Phone: +86 18605792699

Discount Per Membership Level


Register as a member



1% of the total order amount



2% of the total order amount



3% of the total order amount



4% of the total order amount



5% of the total order amount

Accrue points

For every euro spent in our online store (excl. VAT) you will receive one membership point.

My Membership Level

The more you purchase, the higher your discount will be.

Redeem your points

Accrued points are subject to the following conditions: For each euro spent you receive one membership point. Membership points can be redeemed via your shopping cart during checkout


When does the membership start? How long does the FANKE membership last?

1. Accounts that joined us by December 31, 2021 will all start accruing membership points as of January 1, 2012.

2. Users who registered after January 1, 2018 will start accruing points on the date of registration. The membership lasts as long as you are a FANKE customer.

Is there a FANKE membership card?

There is no FANKE membership 'card'. As a FANKE VIP member you have access to the online VIP Membership area to view and/or to print exclusive online offers.

What are the benefits of the FANKE loyalty program?

The benefits are two-tiered. On the one hand you can save up for a discount percentage on your total order value and on the other hand you accrue membership points which can be redeemed for euros. An overview of the different levels with corresponding benefits can be found here.

Is signing up as a FANKE member free of charge?

Yes, it is completely free! We don’t charge you to join as a FANKE member.

What will happen with my membership level and accrued points when I return an order?

In the event of a returned order, the refund will be deducted from your accrued membership points.

How do I retain my tier status?

Platinum members who have not made a purchase in a 60-day period will be downgraded to a golden tier, the accrued points will be reset to 1999 points. Diamond members who have not made a purchase in a 75-day period will be downgraded to a platinum tier, the accrued points will be reset to 4999 points. VIP members who have not made a purchase in a 180-day period will be downgraded to a diamond tier, the accrued points will be reset to 19999 points. Bronze, silver and gold members will always retain their tier status and accrued points.

How can I order Special Pre-Order products?

You can order Special Pre-Order items once you’ve reached Platinum status. You can find these items in the Coming Soon! section on our website. Ensure that your status is at least Platinum to keep enjoying this benefit.

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