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Who can register as a customer at Fanke?

Fanke face to all B2B customer, also is our vision to support more small B2B customer start and develop their business since 2022. If you are active in the longerie business industry and you are in the possession of a valid VAT number you can register an account with us. 






How can I register an account with you?

Hit the "Register" button at the top right corner on our website. Fill out all your details and hit the "Continue" button.






I created an account with you. Can I start shopping right away?

After you created an account, You can now log on into your account, and see all products with prices and you can start to shopping in our website.






I forgot my password, now what?

It only takes a few steps to reset your password. Select "Forgotten password" on the log in page. Then fill out the email address to which we can send your new, temporary password.

If you encounter any problems while resetting your password, contact us at helpdesk@fankeclothing.com or call us on +86 18605792699.






May I use your images?

As a customer, you are allowed to use all our images. You can download our photos at the relevant items on our website.






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